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Clipping Genius is one of the most leading providers of clipping path services and this company provides all sorts of image editing services as well. These image editing services include deep etching, background removal, Image Masking, ghost mannequin, car photo editing, and more. As a leading online clipping path company, we never compromise with quality to set standards higher for our precious clients.

From the very beginning, our main target is to boost up online-based businesses like e-commerce, automotive, retailers, garment industries, photography platforms, and so on. For more than a decade, despite being an outsource service-providing company, Clipping Genius has been growing satisfaction and saving our clients’ money and time. Most importantly, we understand the value and benefits of every client for growing up their business and making more profits than ever before! Also, we are competent to accomplish all the projects within the deadline according to clients’ demands.

Clipping Genius comes with incredible expertise and the latest techniques that can help you to spread online business through high-quality product images, authentic strategies, real-time delivery, and affordable price. Besides, our customer care team always keeps concerned to assure 24/7 clients support rapidly. Thus, we are dedicated to sustaining a strong business relationship with our clients. And, this is why we can claim to be the best outsourcing clipping path service Provider Company in several continents of Asia and Europe.

How Clipping Genius Works

Our working process is very secure and professional. Without losing the quality you will get an optimized delivery system.


Firstly, you will have to request a quote with your project information.


After that, Our team will contact you shortly with a confirmation of getting your files and pricing.


Our manager will hand over your project files to our designers and instruct them.


As soon as your project is completed as per your instructions we’ll email you and you will be ready to download your files.


Most importantly, Now comes the final part, you have to make payment via bank or PayPal.

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Hand Drawn Editing

To supply your photos with the maximum quality we supply hand-drawn photo editing services. We don’t use any automatic tools.

Top Notch Quality

Our top-notch excellence photo editing may produce a better outcome than your expectations. The audience would be fascinated.

Reasonable Friendly Rate

To create photographers and E-commerce proprietors happier we deal cost friendly prices. Our services are Reasonable for All.

24 Hour Client Support

Clipping Genius is reachable 24/7 to support you in any kind of Photo Editing requisite. Contact us anytime.

Skilled Image Editors

100+ tremendous eligible and highly qualified designers would take care of your photo post processing work.

Rapid Delivery

We have a 12 Hours and 24 Hour rapid delivery system. Our consistent supply time is 24 hours to 72 hours.

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We offer affordable prices and big discounts for bulk professional photo editing and retouching services. We charge reasonably for our service along with providing the most reliable and top-quality photo retouching and image editing services. Because we care for you, your time, and cost!

Clipping Path Service Provider

Pro photographers, retailers, e-commerce store owners, website owners, prepress companies, post-production service providers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, are worth mentioning. We have a huge list of clients that seek our specialized clipping path service. Clipping path service is the most demanding service we regularly offer to our esteemed clients. The service has huge traction due to the several utilities it provides. No matter whether its image background removal, background replacement, mannequin removal, unwanted object removal, or just a simple path selection, we can execute all these photo editing actions applying clipping path. Then, our pro and accomplished clipping path experts make use of the Photoshop pen tool and draw a path around the edge of a specific image’s subject or object.

Image Background Removal Services

Image background removal and editing service is the most sought-after photo editing service we offer to our clients. Irrespective of the image complexity, we have a special touch to isolate unwanted backgrounds from images faultlessly. Whether you are an online seller or a retailer, you surely need to remove improper backgrounds from your product images. You may have loads of images that need to remove background or unwanted object. Shake off your worries and turn to us. We batch-edit and remove all your product images’ unfitting backgrounds in no time at a reasonable rate. Finally, we execute further photo editing actions if necessary and bring out a flawless output. We have a number of service categories including basic, simple, medium, complex, multiple, and super-complex that we provide based on the image complexity.

Image Retouching Services

We provide highly professional photo retouching and image enhancement services in bulk for photographers & photo studios, graphic designers & agencies, marketers & marketing agencies, e-commerce site owners, and project managers, printing & publishing companies, and many more. The price is very competitive and also you get a bulk discount of up to 50%. Searching for the best Photo Retouching Services for your photography project? Flawless Photography is perhaps never possible without expensive shooting gear. But digital photo retouching can give you the solution to turn imperfect photographs into professional ones so easily. That’s why, it’s called Image Retouching Services, which is also known as Invisible Mannequin Effect.

Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

You can create the same effect by using Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins. But, after shooting the photo, you may need photo editing services to create the effect perfectly. That’s why, to reduce time and money, many photographers avoid expensive Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins. Because, photo editing is more cost effective. For various catalogs and e-commerce sites, mannequins are used instead of human figure to create 3D effect of various garment items like: shirts, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swim suits, lingerie, etc. and often jewelries. But, in the final output, you need to remove the background along with the mannequin and give it a hollow or ghostly look.


We offer affordable prices and big discounts for bulk professional photo editing and retouching services. We charge reasonably for our service along with providing the most reliable and top-quality photo retouching and image editing services. Because we care for you, your time, and cost!

360 Product Photo Editing Service

Clipping Genius not only offer the most comprehensive and professional solutions for creating 360 product photography, but also the fastest, easiest and best value solutions. Clipping Genius 360 Product Photography Software, Turntables and Light Box’s are designed for users of any skill level to create high-quality, web-ready 360 product views. Clipping Genius 360 Product Photography Equipment & Software are trusted by some the world’s largest brands, retailers, professional photographers along with over 5,000 small to medium size businesses worldwide.

Shoe photo editing

If there is a slight error of attention, it will not be good to look at the pictures of the shoes while editing the shoes. So editors have to do this with more attention while editing shoes. We are usually skilled enough to do everything from complex photo editing to simple photo editing. We also do all the stages like image background removal, shadow casting on the removed image, color correction, and spot removal.

Apparel/clothing photo editing

We usually do costume photo editing to attract visitors to the costume quickly. The work of this cloth editing for selling various Apparel online plays a remarkable role. We have experienced graphics designers who accurately scan images of any fabric. After scanning, they find and fix various errors in the images. A photo can have different problems with color, background or brightness. Our editors solve all these problems remarkably well.

Cosmetics Photo Editing

Consumers are not very interested in buying products if the quality of the cosmetic pictures is not good. The Cosmetics Photo Editing service will be the most effective way to make customers more interested in cosmetic products. Our skilled editors work to present the pictures of cosmetics excitingly. They make the image attractive by changing the color, brightness, and size so that this photo can attract cosmetic buyers quickly.

Electronics photo editing

Electronics Photo Editing services work perfectly to increase the attractiveness of all electronic products. Electronic products include computers, mobile phones, headsets, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens, etc. It is possible to increase the number of buyers by making the pictures of all these electronic products more attractive. Our professional photo editors use electronic photo editing to enhance the background, color and attractiveness of the photo.

Furniture photo editing

You want to sell your furniture online but the customer is not interested in buying your product. In this situation you may suffer from indecision as to how you will sell the products more. The main reason your product is not selling well is the lack of attractiveness of the product. Our furniture photo editing service is able to make the pictures of your furniture attractive in a way that can increase the sales volume of your furniture.

Motor Parts & Machinery Photo Editing

You can take this editing service to increase sales of your motor parts and other equipment. It presents your products to the buyers in an attractive way. When you advertise for the sale of various car parts i.e. tires, mirrors, engines etc. with the help of online, you have to present interesting pictures there. We have a team of experienced editors who efficiently edit images of your motor parts and equipment to create interesting images.

Budget-Friendly Pricing for Clipping Path and Photo Editing

Our budget-friendly post-production & image clipping path service will make your product images outstanding

Clipping Path

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Image Cutout

Starts from $0.25 Per Image

Photo Retouching

Starts from $0.50 Per Image

Color Change

Starts from $0.75 Per Image

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Top-notch e-commerce product clipping path service

Preparing about boosting product sales and increasing more revenue? Then you should immediately promote an outstanding online platform by displaying eye-catching product images to attract your customer. Without professional photo editing services, it is quite challenging to exhibit your products precisely. Because we deeply believe that a picture tells thousands of words without convincing the customers verbally. And it is also a fact that unorganized product listing is the main cause to eliminate selling possibilities.

Without any doubt, cutting-edge pictures of an online store or e-commerce site are the assets. So, whether it is about selling one product or many products online, you have to customize and modify your product Images to grab the customers’ attention.

Top-Grade Product Image Editing Solution for Versatile Platforms

The product image editing service in Clipping Genius is one of the leading image editing solutions for professional photographers, e-commerce industries, garment sectors, and retail websites. So don’t worry and hire us for the hand-made clipping path, image cut-out, white background making, product retouching, color correction, and more editing tasks. Even, we are famous for shadow making, ghost mannequin, car photo editing, image masking, and many more.

Reliable Photo Editing Service for E-Commerce Industry

Are you looking for a dependable and affordable solution for product photo editing, retouching, color correction, or shadow creation?

Then you are in the right place and it is a perfect time to choose our image editing services. Because we are promised to provide the best product display using the latest Photoshop tools and techniques precisely. All you need to click the Free Trial button to judge our service quality before activating any action plan. Already, we are associated with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Shopify, Flipkart, and more.

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Why Choose Clipping Genius

To fulfill your all requirements for image editing services, our professional Photoshop experts are always available to respond. In Clipping Genius, we take pride that most of our experts have completed their graduation from the Graphic Arts Institutes. Even they are experts in advanced photo editing and the latest image retouching methods. With their ultimate co-operation and dedication, we can deliver world-class clipping path projects in real-time and we are also overwhelmed by our clients. Plus, there are some key benefits to our clients.

About Clipping Genius | Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping Genius is one of the best outsource clipping path companies and maintains the global standard at the cheapest price ever! By thinking of our client’s convenience, we provide the best responsive customer care support in every corner USA, Italy, and Bangladesh. Clipping Genius is always accessible and committed to clients’ requirements. Mostly, the clients want to judge the skill, capabilities, and brand values of a company while handing over the projects. Our enthusiastic experts are dedicated to conveying you the excellent quality services like clipping path, image masking, background removal, color correction, neck joint, image shadow creation, and any other image editing service using Adobe Photoshop. It’s indeed an immense boon to have such passionate experts who are skilled and experienced to use the latest tools and techniques of Adobe Photoshop for creating enchanting images.

The utmost motto we follow is to meet the assigned demands of our valuable client with our expert creating the aesthetic and extensive collection of images by Adobe Photoshop. From the very beginning, we have set our target along with 12+ years of experience in this industry.
  • More than 2 free trials to judge our editing quality
  • Fast and stress-free experiences
  • Elegant quality control before project delivery
  • 50+ Photoshop experts
  • Low-price guarantee
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quality control through three steps
  • Payment only after 30 days of project submission
  • High-speed file transferring system
  • 24/7 online customer care support
  • Incredible discount for bulk images
  • Super easy order system
  • Flexible payment methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Any Questions
We would define a clipping path as the Photoshop technique to remove the background from an image and to create an outline of an image by using the pen tool. These techniques are usually used when the image has distorted edges and needs to stay sharp.
Clipping path is the latest technique used in any image editing needs. This technique allows us to select objects or shapes inside images, make outlines, cut out or customize details, remove or replace the background or modify a particular part of the image in a time-saving way.
If you are the owner of the e-commerce site, you need background removing, shadow making, color correction, and image resizing services to get professional product images. Because the product images on the white background look outstanding while uploading them to the website. Thus, the clipping path plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry these days.

Clipping Genius is a famous company for high-quality clipping path services at affordable costs. Plus, we understand the significance of building a good relationship with our clients. With a focus on achieving that reliability, we ensure the maximum support of every process from our end.

If you upload your images to be edited at night and will surely get them back in the first hour in the morning. We have 3 schedules of experts available around 24/7 for ensuring fast delivery at any time. Also, outsourcing from us is easy, safe, and secure.

To make a strong understanding with the clients, we offer a minimum of 2 photo editing free. So that you can justify our skill and task quality before submitting the projects. Indeed, this will help you to decide whether it’s beneficial for you or not.

For more than 12 years, we have been associated with B2B and B2C companies and online Individuals in the image editing industry. In this long professional journey, Clipping Genius proudly worked with e-commerce business owners, garment industrialists, retailers, and photographers across the world.

We have been working with Amazon FBA sellers, eBay, reputed manufacturing companies like Hitachi, Samsung, Lenovo, Nestle, car dealers, and more. We enjoy working with anyone with any amount of the images as we choose quality over quantity.

Mostly, we prefer PayPal as it is a safe and secure payment method. You also can pay via check or transfer the payment to our company bank account. An updated invoice will be sent to your email after the project’s completion. You can also ask for weekly & monthly basis payment procedures.