Ghost Mannequin Service

Living models can be valuable, come with juggling challenges and are often inconsistent. A pancake, on the other hand, is a one-time wise purchase. Still, no one wants to see those lifeless mannequins. That’s where our Ghost Mannequin service comes in. To earn, pictures with merchandise are vital. Your customer wants to see what they look like through those pictures. Especially in the fashion industry, clothing images are the key to your success.

It brings out the most in whether it is your largest body or a single organ. You can say that a well-edited mannequin image shows more details of the product.

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Living models can be valuable, come with juggling challenges and are often inconsistent. A pancake, on the other hand, is a one-time wise purchase. Still, no one wants to see those lifeless mannequins. That’s where our Ghost Mannequin service comes in. To earn, pictures with merchandise are vital. Your customer wants to see what they look like through those pictures. Especially in the fashion industry, clothing images are the key to your success.

It brings out the most in whether it is your largest body or a single organ. You can say that a well-edited mannequin image shows more details of the product. The service provides a visual idea of what it would look like if worn by visitors. We have come up with solutions to give you more high-quality output images in your target market. The impact of ghost editing has become vital for e-commerce, journals and qualified photographers.

You can get neck-joint editing for clothing from our company. We are the best because we have an affordable, experienced 99% success rate in our pockets. We also offer e-commerce-related photo editing services. Sometimes you need a model image masking service to display products online on your website. We are ready to help you in this matter.

What Is a Neck Joint Service?

Ghost Mannequin Solution lets you capture an image of your clothing in a dummy and then combine the image to delete the image in the editing process. Editing effects, defined as Invisible / 3D Mannequin or Empty Man Effects. A mix of any mannequin picture image pair is also often referred to as a composite image.

The first picture represents the costume. And the second or some additional pictures ensure a clear presentation. It shows every part of the inside of the dress that the mannequin is vague.

Those photos are often contained on a foam sheet. Many mannequin pictures are created using only two shots but usually require additional use. It is all about the form and style of the item. A thorough idea of how much clarity the on-body image can cover is considered.

Various items, such as necklaces and watches, may not require a dummy. The ghost mannequin is not accurately approaching at this rate, but the idea is somewhat closer. Figures usually Mannequins or those forms allow them to maintain their structure. These improve marketing image presentation efficiently and consistently. Thus, the demand in the service market is increasing day by day.

How to Shoot a Perfect Mannequin Photo?

Mannequins can be intrusive. So, it would be the best way if you take extra care while capturing your first Mannequin picture. Let us help you get a reasonably clear idea about the bizarre Mannequin concept and its photographic criteria. Read on for the best way to create your setup and capture the pictures you need.
  1. Planning the Photography
  2. Installation of Equipment
  3. Product Photography

The most common use of mannequins is in the process of costume photography. Both ways are ideal for displaying individual forms and are suitable for each object. To create a ghost mannequin effect, you should first picture your item or be worn by a man. Capture images from different perspectives. When you plan to include an actual model, be sure to use a steady posture. In particular, the character needs to be moderately stylized. Make sure the hairstyle is pinned so that the visibility of the item is not disturbed.

This type of specification will make the image editing process more straightforward. There is an enormous range of dolls that you can choose from in any reliable shop. Monitoring your preference, you can choose to buy one with or without limbs. Whether the mannequin has arms and legs, make sure the parts are out of the picture. Make sure the outfit matches your doll or model. Here, proper size is most important. If the item has sleeves, be sure to keep them on the back. That way, your audience won’t see unnecessary parts.

Using the mannequin technique for creating the 3D image:

Some clients want a 3D image model. At that moment, we use a dummy for creating it. We are showing you the process of it.

  • Take a look at both the front and back of your panic while wearing your item.
  • Next, place the model and items on the white foam and capture the view again.
  • If you add pictures together, these snapshots will enable you to include the inner parts of the garment.
  • Make sure the top is exposed when shooting the collared shirt and related items. Also, keeping the interior behind is easily noticeable. In these cases, you may even need to turn it inside out.

Paybacks of Ghost Mannequin photo editing service

It is an important and quite budget way to advertise your clothing line. Mannequin editing services intensify product content to retain their form. It also supports making the image of your items look natural and reliable. The purpose is to improve the attractiveness and acceptability of the thing to consumers. With this advanced editing strategy, you get tremendous benefits. Aside from being a clothing retailer, it also solves several challenges for manufacturers, photographers, and jewelry.

More Detailed Visibility

It is the easiest way to digitally present pictures of clothes in more detail. During photo processing, the editing touch removes the initial mannequin, which creates the illusion of wearing clothing. The open nature will keep the picture of the garment in the proper proportions. It allows the viewer to understand better the features like fabric style, color, shape etc. Again it will make the photo result attractive. You can hold more buyers and encourage them to choose the right one.

Create a Brand Value

The main advantage of the service is that when presented on an e-commerce platform or online catalog, it will create a flawless look for all clothing items. No doubt, this is very important because it makes a strong identity for your brand. This approach will take more buyers to one platform. As a result, it prompts them to pick and buy the best kind of clothes quickly. Another bonus of Mannequin Photo Editing is that it makes the logo of the item visible. You can outline the mannequin from the neck part and then position the manufacturer’s stamps. It will support customers who become loyal to a particular brand and build trust in them.

Get Access to Further Editing

Editing a ghost mannequin usually requires several methods other than the elimination of image parts. These are to combine photos, change the backdrop, change the fabric’s color, and so on.

Keep the Photo Standard

It will also help to remove many meaningless parts. It includes removing the mannequin and backdrop through the ghost mannequin editing touch. The service ensures that it meets the requirements of different e-commerce sites.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service?

Creative photographers often require neck joint surgery. Also, an organization will save time through this service. Apart from photographers, our services are vital for the appearance of the right products for other businesses. These are –

Why Do They Use Our Service?

You already know about our services and terms. But, for a moment, did you think about why people take our services? Well, now we are going to show you the reasons for taking our services. We are giving a list of it.

Why is Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Important in the clothing industry?

We remove the best of each image by completely deleting the image or model. Buyers will then see the item and just the thing. There will be nothing left to move them. Check out the importance of it.

Photos Have a Tremendous Effect on the Consumer


Studies have shown that 75% of online shoppers agree that images influence the decision to buy. If there is no match with the picture, 30% of the customers return their purchased product.

In addition, 86 percent of Americans agree that honesty in the industry is essential to everything. They believe that marketers must provide this transparency to gain confidence in the company and its products.

So, displaying interesting content with correct details can only solve the problem. Visual solid images take 40% of your target market to your online marketplace.

Company Visual Communication is More Valuable


Visual presentations should be the actual image of your offer. Customers realize getting a product on the web without wasting time. As an e-commerce business, you should meet their expectations.

The client will try using the item on your platform, depending on how it looks. Suppose a newly launched website advertises the image of its product with low quality. In that case, it has the potential to lose consumers. And yes, they will move on to rival platforms.

Gaining consumer loyalty and retaining them is essential here. As a diversified niche business, you should consider it seriously. Eye-catching things attract people. Thus, an e-commerce firm should be able to influence the five senses of customers. Our goal is nothing more than reaching that goal. It will help a platform to transform sales leadership.

Why Should You Pick Our Ghost Mannequin Photography Service?

“Happy with Clipping Way’s service. I got them online, sent me a free shot to show them their work – I was happy with the output. Since then, I have given up editing them. The rate is better than others.”- Jacob Finn (Existing Client). It was a review of our loyal client. So, as you can see, we are succeeding. And our achievement is our happy client. We are showing you why they choose us.

Lots and lots of resources

Efficient features are our driving factor. So, we keep our team constantly connected with new developments and innovations.

Quick turn

Twenty-four hours is our average processing period. In case of an emergency, it can be as short as 4 hours.

Service 24/7

For your enjoyment, Clipping Way editing staff and customer support work 24/7. We have a large team to maintain that schedule.

High-quality assurance

Maintaining values is our main strength. Our skilled team is proactive in maintaining this standard. You will exceed your expectations.

Response duration

Within ten minutes, our team will be back to answer any questions you may have. It only takes a tweet time to get started with us.

100% return policy

After getting your submitted photo, if you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your 100% money within a few minutes without your asking. After all, we try to keep our reputation fresh and reliable.

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At all this time you knew about our few many services. Now we will show you our related services of ghost mannequin photo editing, which we provide generally. The sequence is given below.
  1. Neck Joint
  2. invisible ghost mannequin
  3. Back Part Joint
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How Do We Provide Ghost Mannequin Photoshop service?

It is so important that we let you know about the procedure of providing Ghost Mannequin Service via Photoshop. If you want then you can get the ghost mannequin online. So then, let’s go to the process of it. We will describe it in some steps. Please check out the following steps properly.

Step 1: Align your layers.

Enable layer editing: First, open the photo of the dress taken in Mannequin Photoshop. Double click on the backdrop layer. Rename the next layer. Create and place another layer just behind the created layer. Rename it. Then press SHIFT + F5 and select black next to the object; fill the current backdrop layer with 100% black.

Step 2: Use the Magic Wand function to select the background.

Select the next level. Now, find the Magic Wand feature first from the Photoshop menu. If the tool is selected, you will see two buttons in the program window. Select the topic and select and mask. Then press Select and Mask. You should see almost nothing but a black background in your preview window. At the top of the screen, there is a subject icon. You have to select it. The software will try to activate the image object. After that, the software will build a respective selection. That access will be ideal if the initial image has a strong background of a different color from your dress.

Step 3: Use the Magic Wand tool to select the ghost mannequin

In Photoshop, the following solution is to avoid clothing from dolls.

Choose Quick Selection Tool. Next, select Subtract from the toolbar. It is stated at the top of the preview window. Under the preview window, like it, clicking on the part of the doll that appears. When you choose these parts, they will fade. If you accidentally remove some part of the garment, we use CTRL + Z to undo it. You can reduce the size of these with the size option.

Step 4: Create a mask layer

Select your top-level mask icon to hide the backdrop of clothing. Then, next to the layer icon, select the Mask key. Select the Eraser option and make sure the foreground color is white and the backdrop color is black. It is located under the Toolbar section. Remove some parts that are now clear from the dummy.

Step 5: Select the interior.

Now, we will edit the following picture. It shows the inside of your clothes. Select the neck area of ​​the garment using the rectangular marquee tool. For moving the layer, press CTRL + T to match the front of the back of the neck.

Step 6: Clean and sanitize the inside

To do the strategy, we use the Warp tool. Select the level first. Then go to Edit> Transform> Warp to select the device. The warp connectors create a curve in the middle of the neck, such as a simple neck form. Choose the eraser option to remove any areas that do not match the top edge of the channel. That is, in short, we follow the way we edit ghost mannequin photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any usual inquiry, you can check the section below. We have listed the questions and
gave the possible answers you may want to know. If you have any query let us know, our
customer care representative will be happy to help you.

A critical element that you will need when taking fashion pictures is a manikin. The common problem is buying. Don’t be afraid. Specific strategies we can use to reduce those costs. But to edit, you will need a competent service to make it look good. If you don’t have dolls, you should use the flat lay technique or the desktop shooting method.

You have kept the dress in a straight line in the process of it. Whatever it could be, a ground or a bench. Then adjust the density of the spotlight towards the subject. It will be best if you keep the decoration in form using handrails or sticks. It is common in the industry as a low-cost photographic plan. There are several more devices that you can use as replacements for men.

To capture clothing or accessories, this is a specialized photographic technique. The camerapersons first dress up after the dress. They make sure that no single inch of cloth is pulled. You must first select the shot from the front. Then open the doll. Initially, you need to keep the decorations to capture the parts of the block at the bottom of the beauty. It is essential to ghost mannequins for photography.

Through post-processing, we will remove the mannequin later. Through post-processing, we will remove the dummy later. The photography style keeps the shape of the natural outfit while removing the dress. You can’t ignore invisible ghost mannequin photography.

An intelligent merchant should use the service if you want to achieve the following.
  • A product brings depth and texture to the image, especially clothing and jewelry.
  • If you want to lessen the cost and complexity of hiring accurate models
  • When you want to show the back and front part of your offer or a wide-angle perspective
  • See the interior of the wardrobe with tags, names and symbols inside

It is a significant opportunity to use the ghost Mannequin service. Each of those six business-related fashion products makes the most use of this service. Various e-commerce sites, advertising agencies, fashion photographers, clothing stores, e-shops, news and magazines are using this service. Don’t be confused with your authenticity.

Clipping Genius works for all types of clothing products such as shirts, T-shirts, jeans, blouses, sweaters, skirts, trousers, etc. Also, you can use our service to promote your product to brand your product to customers worldwide. A variety of famous fashion industries come to us to receive this service. Our quality can save you time and effort. Clipping Way You should be quick to contact the sales team. We aim to provide the best service within hours without losing quality.

There are many e-commerce photo editing companies in this industry. But most of them do not have enough experience or ability to provide quality services. They do not have good professional graphic designers for their editing work. For this reason, so many photo editing service providers cannot give clients what they need and requirements and fail to place orders on time.

As a provider of image editing and masking services, Clipping Genius does not have this difficulty. We have individual expert and skilled units in each section. Also, we have a graphic designing expert team, well management system and professional quality checking unit. We check each order three times to ensure the best service for our clients. We provide 24/7 online support, and you can enjoy our services at low prices. So, using our services can be an excellent decision for you.

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