Best Image Background Removal Service in Clipping Genius

Over decades, background removal service has been known as the most required among other clipping path services. Whether you are a professional photographer, online retailer, or e-commerce business owner, then you must need a background removal service to get perfect product images anytime.

Most of the time, there might be a lot of images with perfect objects you get along with poor backgrounds. And also, sometimes, you’ll have amazing snapshots of multiple products that are blemished by irrelevant backdrops and objects as well. . 

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Best Image Background Removal Service in Clipping Genius

Over decades, background removal service has been known as the most required among other clipping path services. Whether you are a professional photographer, online retailer, or e-commerce business owner, then you must need a background removal service to get perfect product images anytime.

Most of the time, there might be a lot of images with perfect objects you get along with poor backgrounds. And also, sometimes, you’ll have amazing snapshots of multiple products that are blemished by irrelevant backdrops and objects as well. Due to these facts, you need to cut out or remove unwanted objects and image backgrounds. Background removal services also help you to isolate the kibosh objects and utilize those within digital photos.

Usually, customers get many alternatives when they intend to buy a single product, as there is a wide range of online stores and product images. Elegant photos of the products with exquisite backgrounds only can entice the targeted customer to your website. But unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get the desired backgrounds of the product images. As a result, the backgrounds of the images become distracting and fail to draw customers’ attention. So, a background removal service could be the best solution option to get a professional and stunning appearance of the product images.

What is exactly Background Removal Service?

As the service name has been mentioned here, we can easily guess that the background removal service is relevant to remove the backgrounds from the raw images. And what more? Okay, this image manipulation technique is about not only removing the background but also giving it an excellent and appealing look that suits the object properly.

Basically, Including the specific task of removing the unwanted backdrops, through this technique we can accomplish multiple tasks like isolating any object or flaw, erasing shadow from the image, and more. Then, if you need a quick solution for this sort of difficulty, an image background removal service is the best option indeed.

High-Quality Image Background Removal Services from Clipping Genius

Planning to hire a professional background editing expert to cut out or replace the backdrops of your images? Here we come with the world-famous image editing company ‘Clipping Genius’, which has been providing top-notch background removal services for up to 12 years long. We are dedicated to providing quality and hassle-free background removal services within an affordable budget.

Along with the background removing tasks, you can also ask for the following shots of background removing solutions-
  • Ecommerce product image background removing
  • Glamour photo background removing
  • Cut out dull objects
  • Replacing image background
  • Image enhancement by background removing
  • Jewelry image background removing
  • Car photo background removing
  • Ghost mannequin for fashion brands

At Clipping Genius, our professional experts can turn a boring background into vibrant and aesthetic with 100% accuracy. Plus, our online support team is always available 24/7 for quick response to any of your queries till you are satisfied with the ultimate solution. We focus on our prime goal of an image background removal service to cut off the product or main object from its background and place it to a perfect one.

Classification of Background Removal Service

Basic/ Simple Background Removing Service

Mainly, the products that are simple in pattern and size require this type of background removal service. And the product image should be exact with smooth edges which makes it easy to edit and takes short time to apply this service. When it comes to removing background from simple product images like circular, rectangular, round-cornered, or oval-shaped product images such as packet image, box image, book image, backpack image, smartphone image, laptop image, LCD image, ball image, bottle image, soundbox image, and so on, then this simple background removal technique would be the perfect solution.

As we all know that doing clipping paths of a simple object is not time-consuming, our skilled image editor can provide you the best high-grade image with an effective background within the deadline. Within 24 hours, our experts can provide 2000+ images without losing the quality.

Medium Background Removing Service

Do you have a large number of product images with a little bit of complexity as a few curves, anchor points, and holes? These kinds of product images need a medium background removal service. Well, no worries! We offer this the most innovative medium background removal service at the cheapest rate to solve the issues.

Products that have a gap or blank space in them like bags, chains, earrings, bangles, watches, clothes, women’s wear, car image, footwear, and more, are included in this category. Our expert edits this sort of product image and comprises them into an impressive background. Thus, the medium background removal service will take a bit more access time than the simple one. And our graphic designers work diligently to deliver the best outlook of the product and customize the images cautiously according to your demand.

Complex Background Removing Service

When it comes to some particular products that are complex in shapes, then we must admit that these are not easy to edit at all except properly doing that. Mostly, the critical diagonal-shaped product images like flying hair images, tree images, furry dolls, jewelry, flower bucket images, wild creature images, bicycle images, etc., are very much complicated to cut out from the background. But don’t get stressed if you don’t know how to execute the process. Our talented designers are always ready to provide you complex background removal services with discreteness.

Moreover, you can simply inform us of all editing requirements, and our expert team will sort them out appropriately. Still, if you have any confusion, you can try our free trial offer initially so that you can decide to purchase our services without any doubt.

Super Complex Background Removing Service

It might be shocking when you find some product images extremely complicated to remove or customize the backdrops. Well, without any professional touch, it’s completely impossible to remove the background of the images that contain objects with soft edges, closed linings, transparency, and multiple zigzag shapes. And the images such as hair images, model images, cotton dolls images that have hairs and threads, basket images with lots of holes in them, group photos, furniture, jewelry, net, cycle, etc., are included in this category.

At Clipping Genius, our high-profiled talented team can make this possible at a budget-friendly cost. Cutting off the entire object from its backdrop with accuracy is difficult as it requires core attention as well as time-consuming fact. To isolate the image background, background removing service online is quite effective, and you will get satisfied with our cutting-edge services.

How Do We Remove Image Background?

Background removal is the method of erasing backdrop and doing deep etch using the advanced tool of Adobe Photoshop. Often, we apply the clipping path and Photoshop Image masking technique for high-quality services.

Our skilled graphic designers use both the manual as well as hand-drawn clipping paths and Photoshop masking to remove the backdrop precisely. Most of the time, these techniques are applied to several sorts of images in different ways. So, the working method and the result would not be similar indeed.

The key variation is all about the methods of cutting out the images. Typically, the portrait and e-commerce product images require both techniques.

Background Removal

Background Removal Using Clipping Path Technique

When we get complicated or sharp-edged images, we use the Photoshop pen tool to create a perfect clipping path with a lot of anchor points. Here at Clipping Genius, our graphic experts are very efficient in creating the paths accurately. Otherwise, the result would not meet the editing goal if you create a clipping path without any professional experience. For this reason, you will find the edited images awkward. To create the path around the edge properly, we zoom into the images as much as 350%-400%.

Background Removal

Background Removal Using Photoshop Masking Technique

The Photoshop Masking technique is effective for fashion photographs and portraits. This method is also known as Alpha channel or layer masking and works in hairy, furry fabrics, animal, soft, or blurred edges, furry and small pixels images where clipping path is not enough. We can fix these image issues by using Photoshop magic tool or background eraser tool and color isolation process. Thus, you can get picture-perfect photos and can upload them to your online portals.

Photo Background Removing to Boost up the Visual Aspect

Background removal system has a significant impact on the entire photograph. Through this process, we crop photos precisely and also enrich the quality. Plus, it enhances the beauty of the images and makes them elegant. While taking snaps of products, the photographer has to consider many facts and it is difficult to take a perfect image with a suitable background all the time.

And, when it comes to basic, white, or transparent background product photography, a professional photographer has to focus on several issues. There might be a shortage of proper lighting. Even unwanted shadows can be there in the photo. Plus, more details need to be added to the image for the best result. These are the issues that we solve through the background erasing method.

What We Do in Image Background Removal

Now, you surely can get that background isolation means removing unwanted or faded objects from any context. And, this method is the most popular in the photo editing industry. We usually recommend this method to eliminate any unwanted object from its backdrop. Through this image background removal method, we do radical changes to the entire outlook of images.

Often, there are annoying objects in a photo that we don’t want to display at all as these objects mislead the eager customers. Thus, this issue slows down the growth of your online business rapidly. To get rid of this inconvenience, we offer the ultimate solution of background removal service for different particular facts.

Isolating an Object from the Unwanted Backdrop

The unwanted object removing process makes an image incredible. indeed, it is never that easy to take an outdoor shot perfectly. Especially, if the place is overcrowded and busy like a market, shopping mall, party, or beach, it’s more than difficult to snap a photo. Don’t get stressed as our graphic specialists fix the problem by isolating an object from the crowded background.

Detaching A Portrait from an Undesirable Background

Well, your image backdrop might be ugly or too beautiful, plus it can fade out the subject. No matter what the facts are, you want to use your precious portrait without extreme customization. Background removal or replacing methods solves these issues. Our designer team is efficient to deliver your photograph on a single-colored or transparent background for simple application.

Customizing an Object and Context Separately

You may find your professionally shot photos worthless for poor lighting and proper shadows. So, sometimes you need to include some detailed editing and retouching methods. Do you know which methods will draw the eyes precisely and make your images more aesthetic? Yes, you need to apply an extraordinary effect to make the backdrop black or white. Then, the object can be preserved individually.

At Clipping Genius, our background-removal experts are skilled and experienced to execute the processes. Particularly, we provide a PSD file along with this entire customization as you can make further edits whenever you will need them.

Remove an Insufficient Object from A Graphical Context

The image background removal method also can be applied to the conflicting elements. Our editing specialists are skilled to work on a small object of your photograph potentially. Often, you may have photoshoot events in busy locations where tourists keep wandering all the time. So, while taking a shot, a lot of unwanted chaos within your image or some flaws would be visible in the objects in the context.

No worries as we are here to assist you through our background cut-out service. Thus, you can delete distracting objects professionally and get back your images on time. If you want, then we can simply merge our other editing services to add the ‘missing’ elements of your image or leave the rest of the customization for your evaluation.

Who Needs Background Removal Services

Our company ‘Clipping Genius’ is a famous background removal service provider, especially for the online business platform. From day one, we have been working with the latest technology and editing trend as well. Moreover, our talented graphic designers make themselves up-to-date with advanced techniques to overcome the limitations of the editing software. Mainly, background removal services are for those who need to fix the photos with the perfect background and need to upload them into the online portal.

☛ Background Removal Service for Clothing Industry

With 12+ years of marvelous experience, we have been overwhelmed by our clients for our successful image editing projects. The clothing photo background removal service won the top place among the most required image editing services. If you need the 3D look of clothing images, you can purchase our ghost mannequin service. Especially, this service lets the clothing images hold their real shape and details. As a result, this process makes the clothing images consistent and attractive as well as boosts up brand value and sales.

But still, the mannequin in the photo becomes annoying at the pixel-perfect display for the sale. Thus, the photo may end up being useless. That may create a negative effect on customers’ perspective while intending to buy the products. So, you should remove the mannequin or dummy from the photos immediately and we are here to help. Our professional graphics editors will help to cut out the mannequin. After getting done with all customization, you can find dynamic 3D effects on your apparel photos.

Cut-out Backgrounds for the online clothing Industry Includes:
  • Backdrop Removing
  • Backdrop Replacement
  • Border fixing, resizing, cropping
  • Natural, drop, or reflection shadow creation
  • Clean up dust or flaws
  • Spot, wrinkle removal
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Crease fixing
  • Color adjustment and color correction.
  • Mannequin removal

☛ Background Removal for e-commerce Platforms

You may have an e-commerce platform like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay. Then if you have quality e-commerce product photos displayed on your website, you can easily promote the products, increase sales, and make a profit more than ever before. It’s because people these days don’t prefer to wander from one store to another store physically to buy products. They usually rely on online e-commerce sites as it is more convenient and time-saving. Plus, they typically intend to buy what they see on the screen and judge on visuals. In that case, background removal plays a significant role to create product images appealing in digital strategy among the e-commerce sector.

Besides, the trend of displaying products with solid white or transparent backgrounds is quite prominent these days. While creating a white or transparent one, it is mandatory to apply background removal service.

☛ White Background Making for Product Images

Well, white is a natural and most effective background color for the product images. Plus, people consider white as a symbol of purity and peace. Research says that about 76% of people switch their image backdrop to pure white. And, only 16% prefer a transparent background for images. It’s a simple fact indeed that any product looks stunning with white background. Also, it doesn’t harm the object’s appearance at all. On the contrary, the other colors cause a little distraction. The process is super easy. Firstly, we will create the selection of the object precisely by using the clipping path or Photoshop masking technique. In the end, we would remove or replace the background according to your demand.

The leading e-commerce sites including Amazon, eBay recommends white as the primary background color for the product images.   There are several benefits of white background-
  • Boosting natural brightness
  • Focusing product
  • Color adjustment
  • Perfect Consistency
  • Maximize Sales & more
  Some other background colors such as black and gray are also popular. Black can be another option of the natural backdrop color.

☛ Background Removing for Agency

Are you desperately looking for a bulk background removal service provider company for your agency? Being a busy company owner, you may not have time to always reach out for every single difficulty. Clipping Genius comes with the permanent solution for you. All you need to upload images to our WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or FTP server. We will pay attention to your requirements, and send the edited images within the deadline.

From the very beginning, we have been associating with agencies like- web & graphics design company, digital marketing agencies, multimedia, pre-press and magazine, advertising company, and more. So, what are you waiting for?! Just call us to grab our background removal service today!

☛ Photo Background Removal Service for Brand

Ensuring visual elegance of photos is the strongest way of branding. An online brand strongly relies on photos. Experts suggest using a single-color backdrop for the rest of the images. We always keep in mind the color psychology has a genuine impact on brands. And this term has a direct link to a customer’s subconscious mind.

Moreover, while surfing through a ton of images, customers can identify a particular brand logo. That’s why it’s said that a perfect image can maximize the brand value and drive more traffic to your online store. And this entire condition leads to more sales and click-through revenue.

We, at Clipping Genius, would be your reliable image editing provider. Our dedicated graphic editors assure the best editing services for established brands and entrepreneurs. You can easily apply our edited images in your marketing campaign, business banners, posters, and in all of your business appearances without any hassle.

☛ Background Removal Services for the automotive industry

Removing the background from the photo car or other vehicles is one kind of manipulation. This process consists of background replacement and enriches its quality with exclusive consistency. Most of the time, you may have some defects in your shots. But aesthetic photography relies on the compatible background, proper lighting, place selection, and so on. So, it’s difficult for a professional photographer to always make stunning shots. Wrong timing, low lighting, or any other causes are responsible for this inconvenience.

Even, it’s impossible to take those shots again as it’s costly and time-consuming. So, if you need attractive automotive photos, our background removal services are the best solutions to solve those problems. Again, we offer color correction, fix shadows, reflection & image contrast.

Besides, you will get the best quality background removal services from world-class experts at the lowest price ever! As a car dealer or automotive business magnet, you always need to make your car focusing and entice buyers. Try this service and enjoy the magic.

Why Choose Our Background Removing Service

In this era of e-commerce shopping trends, millions of images are uploading on the websites for product listings. and need some core customization in them. There is a huge demand for this background removal service or cut-out method. If you are an online seller on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, or Google Shopping, you will need to remove the photo background from your product images as these sites are not allowing raw and low-quality images.

And if you don’t maintain their terms & conditions on uploading product images, then your submission for listing will be delayed and even will be rejected too. Due to this fact, background removal services are mandatory. Then, numerous visitors will start visiting your site with a great point of view toward the products.

A lot of researches have shown that uploading product images without flaws convert more visitors into buyers! Let’s have a glance at the following statistics-
  • 93% buying decision is influenced by the color and the first appearance
  • 85% of buyers observe color first to decide to buy a product
  • 80% confidence of a customer will be convinced when a brand is recognized by using the perfect colors
Our most demanding background removal service helps you to-
  1. Fulfill the image needs for e-commerce websites like Amazon, Esty, eBay, or so on
  2. Set the focal point of the object images in a distracting background
  3. Display details of the photos for increasing sales
  4. Represent model images precisely on magazine, social media, or websites
  5. Create a unique background with multiple images for a website or product catalog

Final Words

Whether it is a small quantity or a huge quantity of images, Clipping Genius is here to help and meet your expectations. Our enthusiastic editor team can cut out thousands of images in a day. And, our pricing depends on the quantity and complexity of images. Surely, you will get the editing services at a very competitive price. Besides, a smart discount for bulk image cut out is also available. All you need to place your order via our website or ask for access to the FTP server. For your consideration, our cost-free FTP is reliable for secure and quick transfer.

Still, confused about the result? Purchase our background removal service to know what makes us apart from other image editing providers.